Maddening Miasma (瘴雨蛮烟, Shōuban'en) is the 1st chapter of Smokin' Parade manga.

Mirai Kakujou, who just  recently recovered from receiving a feet and leg surgery, is leading the preparations for the fifteenth birthday of her younger brother, Youkou Kakujou. What could be the surprise waiting for Youkou when he gets home?

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A Chain of mutilation cases hast started to occur. There always wase a grotesque animal head accompanying it. Eye witnesses say the culprits are monsters in black.
Youkou saves the trash

Save the trash.

Youkou Kakujou, holding a used tin bottle, rushes through the bridge and jumped below to a passing car consequently. Mistaken as a suicide, Youkou quickly stood, telling both people inside the car that they had dropped the beer tin can on the road. As the driver and his lover are left astonished, he explains that in his family implements code of conduct, that is also known as Kakujou Rules in which Rule No. 119 states garbage must be properly disposed otherwise it is returned to the "owner" of the trash.[1]
Ame No Tori Vehicle

The speedy vehicle.

Almost to punch the driver, he was then stopped by a police, realizing that he, the redhead, had caused another ruckus. Youkou acknowledges the codes of conduct must be followed by human being, but is suddenly passed by a speeding maximum priority emergency car. He took notice on the vehicle, only to realized it was from the Ame No Tori company, a group that does organ transplantation and the ones who took care of his little sister.[2]

Man out of the blue

A suspicious man.

Meanwhile at the latter company's hospital, Mirai's transplanted legs and feet are now perfectly bonded with her body. She rejoices for the successful surgery after fifteen days, now being able to walk, have normal height and see people eye to eye, for she was born without it. She then gives the doctor her baked cake roll after what he has done for her, as the doctor reluctantly accepts the failed dish. Mirai exclaims that she is making some more dishes at home with her friends for the preparations in Youkou's fifteenth birthday.Shortly in the road, while Youkou ponders what he will do before he gets home, he inhaled smokey blood to a suspicious person sitting in the bench.[3]

Mirai's passion in cook

Eager Mirai on cooking.

In Kakujou's residence, Mirai and her two other friends prepares the party, with her being the supervisor for food and others to the birthday decorations. One of her friends questions her health status, specially she just came out from the surgery. Mirai replies with no worries, affirming that the transplant technique is highly advanced. Momentarily, her friends tries to help her with the food preperations, but Mirai's actively engaging in cooking wants to prepare it alone, as a dream on being independent person unlike her past self where she always depend on Youkou.[4]

Two Two-Leaf Clovers

Young Youkou and Mirai with the two-leaf clovers.

Mirai then tells her unforgettable scene with his older brother; One day, when Youkou got home, he founds her drawing a four-leaf clover that represents happiness, however, she states that a two-leaf clover can also bring joy, just like her. Three days passed, Youkou went home bringing two two-leaf clovers for both of them as it signifies both two makes four-- and four-leaf wishes happiness, in which it made Mirai cry and apologizes.[5]

Mirai's pendant

Mirai and her treasured pendant.

Youkou ticks her for apologizing, making the Rule No. 4 being vandalized. And so, Mirai cherishes that moment and made the leaf as a pendant presently, as well as Youkou ( and her friends already heard her story million times already). In the instance, the doorbell rings. Her friend tells her it is a pizza delivery, and so Mirai opens the door. Suddenly she shrieks, scaring her friends.[6]

Later, Youkou comes home, again inhaling the peculiar smell he had smelled a while ago. Realizing it is indeed Blood, he was knocked out. He then dreams that when he was a baby, he was killed by his own mother, in the pool of blood. As Youkou gains consciousness, he is greeted gleefully by his little sister, only to figure out that she was acting strange, her friends are mutilated, and some of his arms and legs were decapitated.

As Youkou watch in terror, the Ame no Tori leg had glowed, and Mirai's head transformed in a cartoonish figure. All of the sudden, the pizza delivery boy, barely alive, spoke that Mirai is probably the ones from the mysterious monsters news. Youkou, still in disbelief, become aware that his fingers are used as a candle in his birthday cake. Mirai tells him that she had forgotten to buy, but didn't mind it too much since it is Youkou's birthday, and it's a day for their happiness. Mirai then hysterically kills of the bodies of her friends, chopping their head, and the pizza delivery boy who was continuously penetrated in his back. In instant, Mirai completely submerged into darkness, asking Yokou's identity while he sobs.

A group of three suddenly crashes into the house, and tried to kill the spider formed Mirai. Though in the process, Youkou got severely shot straight through his chest. After the shot, Mirai was relieved from her spider form and apologizes to the latter, before she dies. The Jackalope members, mainly surprised by the miracle, was left amazed. The man with gears on his arms asks his name, which the person replies with Youkou Kakujou.


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